Loss of borders: The structural war against mankind
Geschrieben von Gerhard Wisnewski   
Sunday, 26. August 2012

Where do all these crisis we’re going through lead to? And what’s behind that?
Answer: The omnipresent loss of borders.

One of the main questions everybody is concerned about is what makes the world suffer? Financial crisis? Common decadence? Reduction of education? Falling in birth-rate? Are you worried about ESM and EFSF ? Transfer union (european issues)? Or about anonymous applications and the quote of women? Forget about that. You just wrack your brain about symptoms. Because truth is: No matter at which punching line or problem you’re looking at – the reason for this is always the reduction of borders.

Every door is a border

For example the door of a simple family home. A door is a typical border, a mechanism which determines who is allowed to go inside and how many. So what would happen if you would simply remove that door? If so, everybody could get inside any time and that’s why the household would just break down. And now the problem is that in global society all the doors are removed, but not only between nations, but also between generations, genders, cultures, currencies and areas of action. And because no society is ever able to go through such a lack of organisation it’s actually all about the complete resolution of society, of mankind.

But is it allowed to talk about somethig like that? Counter question: How do you recognize a democracy? Answer: In the fact that you are able to compare notes with everybody without inhibition. And that’s how we want to handle it here, too. But isn’t this discussion about borders all about nationalism? In no way. More about a science named cybernetics, which was reasoned by the jewish mathematician Norbert Wiener. It’s about the lesson of controls and regulation of machines, living organisms and social organisations.

The lesson of cybernetics

Because how is life defined? The correct answer has already been given in our language: Life defines itsself through organisation. That’s why you also talk about an „organism“. The organisation is managed by a border (skin, cell membrane), by rotation (metabolism) and by division of labour (organs, organelles). But also the cell membrane isn’t an absolutely unpermeable border, no, it’s more like the management of traffic, which organizes the traffic between the inner side and the external side.
Because absolutely tight borders are just as deadly as missing ones.

To take away the membrane of the cell would clearly be an act of sabotage. It would die like a man who’s skin is taken away. And if you take away the inner and outer borders of human societies they will die, too.

Rotation is another important element of an organisation or an organism: The carpenter buys his shoes from the shoemaker, the shoemaker buys his table from the carpenter. The question is, if the global rotations are able to replace the local ones or already did. Truth is that the aftermaths of the local disfunction of rotation are being suppressed. By some people, the real number of unemployed population in Germany is guessed up to ten million. This number is only covered by definitions, statistical tricks and the social systems.

If we keep on kicking the laws for controls and regulation of machines, living organisms and social organisations, soon the reality will kick us with its much stronger feet. Like writer Ayn Rand said: : „You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality“. The global financial crisis is the best example.

This crisis just has been enabled through the reduction of borders (Euro et cetera) and the deregulation of global financial markets in contact with unlimited fielding mechanisms by state and central banks for failed establishments. Now the whole world will suffer from bad arrangements and wasted credits until it collapses. That’s just a consequence of total dislimitation of international financial markets. But borders are just like a ships waterproof hatches. If they’re gone, a small leak is enough to sinken the whole ship.
But if a big hole like in Spain or Greece is opening, other hatches are being ripped off in order to implicate the rest of europe. It’s not like hatches wouldn’t exist: For example in the european currency union. According to article 125 of the Lissabon contract neither the union nor a member state guarantees for another EU-state’s bank loans (No-Bailout). Well, those instructions and promises have just been broken. By the time a hole in the Euro-ship comes up, all existing hatches are broken down and water is pumped with enthusiasm into the leak – which is money in this case. Clearly an act of sabotage.

The three big „I’s“ – I, identity and interests

For example the crisis in Greece can just become so davastating, because there are no more borders between the countries and currencies of europe. And now you already can observe the disastrous consequences oft he reduction of borders: More and more euro bailout funds are opened and more and more billions and national finances are on fire. Because the so called „bailout funds“ don’t help anything, the one and only sence can be to engulf the other EU-states in the abyss, too.

That’s why we don’t need less, but more borders. Without borders there isn’t an I, without I there isn’t identity and without identity there aren’t interests which could be followed or defended. An organism without an I, identity and interests is doomed to death. That is effective for a concern, just as it is for a gender, a class, an economy, a country or even for a football team – or should you just break down the borders between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund and put the teams, the management and the fans all together? Like we all like each other now? The result would be the resolution of both teams.

The structural war against mankind

In reality the resolution of all borders is a structural war against mankind. Let’s take the example of a quarter of Germanys capital, Berlin – Neukölln: A bomb blew up there last year: „The biggest amount of eastern european refugees driven by poverty“, telled a report on the tv channel Sat 1. „According to EU-law thery’re allowed to enter the country and also can stay unlimited. … Residents are reporting of catastrophical hygienic conditions.“ „Garbage bags and contents, pieces of furniture and rests of the kitchen“ are „all over the ground“. „Nobody knows exactly how many of them are living here and where. They come because there isn’t any perspective in their fatherland. But their stay in Germany creates new problems.“

„We don’t know the exact number of people who came from Romania or Bulgaria to Neukölln“, said mayor Heinz Buschkowsky of Neukölln to Sat 1. „Some are talking about 2.000, others about 10.000. Those people clearly are refugees of poverty. The differences in the standard of living are so enormous that people leave their foreign country to settle somewhere in Germany.“

„Suddenly another language is spoken in the streets, the play areas are always filled up with other children, park benches are assigned, this produces a riot in the local population, no matter if those people are turkish or german“, argued Buschkowsky.

„Abruptly there are strangers who take control of the area“. Because how Günther Nenning, the legendary talkmaster from Austria, said
one day: „If five strangers come to native aborigines, they will roast a pig. If there come 50, the chief will bounce his head. When they are even 500, the whole regulars will bounce their heads. If 5.000 come, the lances will be cleaned and polished.“

These people actually bang in like an ethnical, cultural and social bomb. They mess up the existing „social room“, like it is named by Buschkowsky and are causing endless problems and costs. But by doing this they aren’t the offenders, but the victims of an european policy which just uses them to break down the nations and borders.
„This is immigration, internal migration by the EU. And all of them must have known this when signing the contracts, because who receives a function from god, will also receive a mind from him as well“, said Buschkowsky Which only means that EU-institutions don’t use their minds in a way the inhabitants would like to see.

An example for structural war

With this example you are able to follow this structural war. Because of course the european politicians are aware of those phenomenons. Reasoned by the strong prosperity gap in the EU without borders there will be migration movement as sure as water flows from high to low. Another example: The reduction of all borders between mental power levels. This is wanted to happen through the reduction of the three membered school in Germany system for one point. But if all the children from different mental power levels will be in comprehensive school, the proficiency level will degrade rapidly, because influence between students just works in one direction: Down.
But the more grave border violation is the so called „Inclusion“. The admittance of mentally disabled children in „normal“ elementary school begins with the school year 2013/14. This means the end of school how we’re used to it. It’s obviously impossible to manage a normal education. Whereat the disabled children are just used as a structural weapon.
In the included school they are as less supported as the normal children and besides that they will feel excluded more easily.
It’s obvious that the intellectual base of german offspring will break down within years. Employers who already complain about a lack of knowledge in grammar or mathematic will be totally disillusioned, because children will learn even less under these conditions. This total disorganisation leads directly to the desorganisation of german economy, because under these conditions the standard of effort can’t be kept.

Ground-heat or –madness?

Destroyed borders are everywhere to find, even in areas you wouldn’t think of. A surprising example: The use of ground heat. In politically correct furiousness deep layers of earth are drilled and with this geological borders are harmed – just to receive „eco-friendly energy“. In this way discharged subterranean water can cause earthquakes. 200 houses were damaged in the german city Staufen in the Breisgau in 2008 due to deep bores which caused an increase of the ground. Subterranean things, which don’t belong together have mixed up. In this case Anhydrit and water. The developing cement expands and increases the ground. In Kamen-Wasserkurl there even was a landslide in 2009, because 48 cubicmeters just disappeared in a big hole after some geothermal bores. While everywhere is just talked about the risks of atomic energy, the geothermal energy already provoked some serious damages and makes the violation of borders more visible to us.

Borders? Yes, please!

While such catastrophes give spectacular pictures to the local newspapers, you cannot see all the catastrophes provoked through the violation or reduction of borders in social, sexuell, ethnical, financial and economical areas just with your own eyes. Often it isn’t possible to just photograph this adversity – and if so it isn’t seen as a following of border reduction.

Because of all the political correctness it is overlooked that borders are the most important structural property of mankind – at least as important as the environment.

This article is not about pleading for the installation or mainteance of insuperable walls.
In fact the sence is to indicate that borders have to be beared up to enable a controlled exchange.

The destruction of borders means the destruction of life – socially, financially, psychologically, sexually, economically or biologically. There is no doubt about that this structural war and the economical, social and political break down of societies and states will cause existential consequences. And that in this order:

1. economical (sales collapses, loss of property, bankruptcy)
2. psychical (existencial fears, identity crisis)
3. social (unemployment, impoverishment)
4. biological (diseases, loss of expectation of life, suicides, hunger crisis, plagues, civil wars, wars)


The reduction of borders, circuits and structures is a silent bomb which leads to the fact that humanity will collapse over the time. Just like if you would cancel all cell membranes and circuits in a human body by medication. The exitus of humanity as we know  won’t be a long time coming. Because what’s the result if you cancel all somatic cells? A mud of cells which isn’t able to live. And this is also the future which dares humanity. Sooner or later it will just exist as the smallest ethnical, cultural and intellectual common denominator. As a mass which can’t be identified, which neither will be able to reflect, nor to revolt against something. After the „multiple breakdown of organs“ all that is left would be a decimated mass of working men. Representatives of the „One world ideology“ are lapsed into the falsity to save a body (= the world) by reducing all his cells (=states). When the life-sustaining organisation is destroyed, humanity will destroy itsself by time. And what will the responsible political elites do against this? You can guess three times: They will border themselves.

The original was published in the german financial magazine smart investor in the September issue 2012.

Because of lack of resources we are only able to provide rough translations here.

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