Egypt: Military - now and forever!
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Saturday, 6. July 2013
by Gerhard Wisnewski

All back to the start: Barely Mohammed Mursi has been voted into office a year ago, after highly praised democratic elections, the president was forcefully taken away again. What did this man do wrong? Pretty simple: From the military’s point of view, Mursi did just steal the presidential chair from them…

After the revolution in Egypt, the muslim Mohammed Mursi has just been a little political accident, which had to be corrected soon – more or less like german Federal President Christian Wulff. First Wulff won the race for office against Joachim Gauk in 2010 by mistake – and one and a half years later he has been chased off the function again, in favour of Gauck. In the case of Mursi, the political accident happened in June 2012, when he won the second ballot against the allegedly independent candidate Ahmad Schafiq very closely. And that was his first mistake, because Schafiq wasn’t independent in any way, but the candidate of the military. And the military isn't happy if the presidential chair is stolen from them.

A bad loser kicks the president out of office

Mursis former „independent“ rival candidate Schafiq is a big cheese in the armed forces and with this an exponent of the old military system. In the air force he worked his way up and made it from a fighter pilot to the chief of staff (1991). From 1996 to 2002 Schafiq even has been chief of the armed air forces. Under the regime of Mubarak he served as minister of aviation and lastly as his prime minister. And that‘s not all. According to Al-Dschasira Schafiq is or was part of the sanctum of egypt's system of force, member of the military council which desposed Mursi out of the office. In other words: it looks like as if the loser of the presidential elections of 2012 kicks the president out of office.

The leftist candidate Hamdin Sabahi already complained about Foul Play of Schafiq during the elections and demanded his disqualification. That was about an allegation of a police officer , the ministry of the interior would have shoved 900.000 votes on to Schafiq illegaly.
According to the american internet service McClatchy the military didn’t support any candidate officially.
But from Schafiqs comments and the conspicious presence of security people at his campaign appearances   would emerge that he has got an extremely good relationship with the generals he is supposed to replace as ruler of egypt. „Perhaps that’s not a surprise, given that he is a retired general who once commanded the country’s air force.

Any questions? Actually not. Besides this one: Who did actually apply the military council as the supreme ruler during the revolution? Well, of course it was the aged Husni Mubarak himself, who nearly has been 83 years at his abdication. When his leadership came to an end, he gave the power to the military council.

The alleged revolution and the interim leadership of the military, which actually draws about half of its budget from the USA (1,3 out of 2,4 billion dollars), have been a fake from the beginning. In reality the military already has been holding the power at least since Mubarak‘s coming into power in 1981. After all Mubarak himself was a child of the armed forces.

Directly after school he joined the military where Mubarak finally became Chief of Staff, later Supreme Commander of the Egypt Air Force. Just like Schafiq years later. So Schafiq followed Mubaraks steps and was supposed to do this as well as the president – sort of a product of the military intern selection procedure for the highest public office. The revolution should just disguise the leadership of a new (ex-) leader of the military. In reality Schafiq would have been the continuation of Mubarak’s military regime, just with another face.

Mursi just queered the militarys pitch and now he received the consequence for this…


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