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...rompted the new Prime Minister of Ukraineto remove his foundation from the network just now ? Albeit it would enjoy the greatest interest just now  ? But fortunately you can fish the website yet...
Monday, 10. March 2014

...s no other possibility than intervention.  It seems that the only problem is that in this case one would ignore Russia’s clear „Njet“. Russia and China didn’t block eve...
Thursday, 29. August 2013

3. Egypt: Military - now and forever!
...is disqualification. That was about an allegation of a police officer , the ministry of the interior would have shoved 900.000 votes on to Schafiq illegaly. According to the american internet ...
Saturday, 6. July 2013

...e experiments show that flooding is a weapon with expansive possibilities in the amphibian warfare. It would be very desirable to initiate further researchs to develop a method which can be used ...
Wednesday, 27. March 2013

... which dimension this is in reality: About 0,0017 sievert per hour. Actually, the thousandfold of this would be dangerous for life. 15.000 millisievert (=15 sievert) may really be deadly, but just...
Wednesday, 13. March 2013

...portant element of organisation, their abolishment means desorganisation, even chaos. Just like if you would medically dissolve every cell membran in the human body  and/or animate the liver ...
Friday, 12. October 2012

...or is a typical border, a mechanism which determines who is allowed to go inside and how many. So what would happen if you would simply remove that door? If so, everybody could get inside any time...
Sunday, 26. August 2012

...e such an extreme case simply and casually asbusiness as usual? There is plenty more such evidence that would be useful in thebillion-dollar lawsuit, which every citizen with an Internetconnection ca...
Wednesday, 5. April 2006

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