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1. Obama means Crisis and War
...studied political science there with a focus on International Relations and´was the author of a work on the nuclear disarmament of the Soviets. Expert on this topic at Columbia was then a pr...
Wednesday, 26. March 2014

2. Ukraine: War on 15 March?
...vents are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network. I think it's time to implement the plan , which we discussed lately. Your job is to cause ...
Thursday, 13. March 2014

...one who looks today for the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation "Open Ukraine", will fail : "Network Timeout " reports the browser. Means: Nothing. The site is no longer accessible. Bad l...
Monday, 10. March 2014

4. Egypt: Military - now and forever!
...heese in the armed forces and with this an exponent of the old military system. In the air force he worked his way up and made it from a fighter pilot to the chief of staff (1991). From 1996 to ...
Saturday, 6. July 2013

5. FBI: Federal Bureau of Instigation
...sination. He also didn’t do this for free, but for a grand fee. The assassination shouldn’t work in this case, but should be „prevented“ and „cleared up“ with big a...
Thursday, 25. April 2013

...tastrophe“ itself to cry for – not to mention victims of the released radiation. The workers indisposition Facing the worldwide fearmongering the article on german Wikipedia ...
Wednesday, 13. March 2013

...A invested a few hundreds of million of dollars after World War II to create a worldwide culture network in one of the biggest postwar operations. „Centre of the CIA-activities was the 'Co...
Friday, 12. October 2012

...rehensive school, the proficiency level will degrade rapidly, because influence between students just works in one direction: Down. But the more grave border violation is the so called &bdquo...
Sunday, 26. August 2012

...ngen: 20. Januar 2007, Samstag, Frankfurt/M.: 14.30 Uhr , Getup-Standup-Hochschulkongreß, Workshop Linkspopulismus 26. Januar 2007, Freitag, Nürnberg: 19.30 Uhr, Nachbarscha...
Friday, 25. January 2008

...website GERHARD WISNEWSKI was born in 1959. He studied political science, and since 1986 has worked as an author and documentary filmmaker. His bestselling (German) books include Das RAF-P...
Friday, 21. December 2007

...e von Goldman Sachs, Paulson, sei im Juli nicht nur Treasury-Chef geworden, sondern auch der der “Working Group on Financial Markets”. Über dieses Faktum, die ominöse Rolle diese...
Tuesday, 7. November 2006

12. Warum eigentlich Kongo?
...auml;umen dürfen!! Quellen: http://www.graswurzel.net/309/kongo.shtml http://www.cbgnetwork.org/1503.html http://www.cbgnetwork.org/1510.html http://www.wsws.org/de/2006/mai2...
Friday, 2. June 2006

...a great deal of evidence for thecontrolled demolition of the Twin Towers and Building WTC-7.Hufschmid?s work was translated and published in German(www.painfulquestions.de). They claim that never in h...
Wednesday, 5. April 2006

...bster Griffin Tarpleys Eröffnungssendung seiner neuer Radio-Show auf dem Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). Ab jetzt soll man die Sendung des profilierten Historikers und 9/11-Forschers jede...
Friday, 10. March 2006

(Buch/Das RAF Phantom)
...bout the true authors of the attacks of the last decade and, as the magazine of the Germany's largest workers union, IG Metall, puts it: "Nobody has publicly raised the question, if really al...
Wednesday, 21. September 2005

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