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1. Obama means Crisis and War
...quot; from the left " . He specifically warned against Obama's aggressive strategy towards Russia , which was not yet in sightat that time. In the book, the current crisis in Ukraine is already p...
Wednesday, 26. March 2014

2. Ukraine: War on 15 March?
... in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network. I think it's time to implement the plan , which we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the sout...
Thursday, 13. March 2014

...ifferent from the situation in Libya, Russia and China refused the creation of a no-fly zone this time, which was intended by a western drafted UN-Resolution. After all the no-fly zone in Libya has...
Thursday, 29. August 2013

4. Egypt: Military - now and forever!
... After the revolution in Egypt, the muslim Mohammed Mursi has just been a little political accident, which had to be corrected soon – more or less like german Federal President Christian Wul...
Saturday, 6. July 2013

5. FBI: Federal Bureau of Instigation
...led by an FBI asset.“ (Mother Jones ). This is the result of a research project for years, which Mother Jones performed with the help of the University of California in Berkeley. The res...
Thursday, 25. April 2013

... Whangaparaoa, New Zealand: Green grasslands, long sand beaches, a little cultivation. The peninsula, which is just 25 kilometres away from Auckland, today is a favoured recreation- and housing...
Wednesday, 27. March 2013

...have been harmed near the offshore city after an earthquake of intensity 9. Germany was the only country which declared the exit of atomic energy and with this the german power supply was upside-down....
Wednesday, 13. March 2013

...e Cold Warriors who promoted them, these paintings were a logo, a signature for their culture and system which they wanted to display everywhere that counted. They succeeded“, wrote the british ...
Friday, 12. October 2012

...f women? Forget about that. You just wrack your brain about symptoms. Because truth is: No matter at which punching line or problem you’re looking at – the reason for this is always ...
Sunday, 26. August 2012

10. USAma: Eine Stimme aus der Hölle
...l to memory my brothers the prisoners in Guantanamo, may Allah free them all, and I state a fact, about which I am also certain: All the prisoners of Guantanamo, who were captured in 2001 and the fi...
Friday, 26. May 2006

...usiness as usual? There is plenty more such evidence that would be useful in thebillion-dollar lawsuit, which every citizen with an Internetconnection can confirm. Why aren?t the insurers able to? T...
Wednesday, 5. April 2006

(Buch/Das RAF Phantom)
...as early as 1985 and quote a pro memoria of the Interior Ministry of the FRG from 1991, according to which "there is no sufficient evidence for a collaboration between the [GDR] Ministry fo...
Wednesday, 21. September 2005

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