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1. Ukraine: War on 15 March?
...p;young people will meet you in the center. They are the best fighters of Trizub (Note: name). Their leader is called Mischko, you should know him too. He will provide you with all the detai...
Thursday, 13. March 2014

...darkness . How did he hires the time being unclear , because it really should only have sovereignty over their own websites . Yatsenyuk : Screenshot of the references of the WayBackMachine on ...
Monday, 10. March 2014

... did use chemical weapons against his own people? Sure. But didn't the USA have always been lying about their potential opponents of war? The sinking of the US-warship Maine 1898 in Havanna, the al...
Thursday, 29. August 2013

4. FBI: Federal Bureau of Instigation
by Gerhard Wisnewski As their mother after the Boston bombings claimed, both terrorism suspects have been „tricked by the FBI“. Hard to believe this. But sadly nothing new. Because
Thursday, 25. April 2013

...perational areas. But supposedly the military would have had more than just one area of application on their scale: „Japan would probably have been the prime target, supposedly coastal citie...
Wednesday, 27. March 2013

... what’s the matter with Fukushima now, which shocked the whole world and made the germans change their power supply? Well, according to Wikipedia, in Fukushima has been released just a fract...
Wednesday, 13. March 2013

...istic, national and ethnical borders anyway. Because borders are an important element of organisation, their abolishment means desorganisation, even chaos. Just like if you would medically dissolv...
Friday, 12. October 2012

...tly how many of them are living here and where. They come because there isn’t any perspective in their fatherland. But their stay in Germany creates new problems.“ „We don...
Sunday, 26. August 2012

...royed by fire, and thaton the contrary, the evidence points to a controlled demolition. Ihave never seen their claims refuted. Building WTC-7 , as is well-known, was never struck by airplanes,and pho...
Wednesday, 5. April 2006

(Buch/Das RAF Phantom)
...efense have been massively restricted, people intimidated and harassed merely for having made use of their civil liberties, secret services and police have set up a system of surveillance and co...
Wednesday, 21. September 2005

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