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Geschrieben von Gerhard Wisnewski   
Wednesday, 26. March 2014
An Interview with Gerhard Wisnewski about the Tarpley-bestseller "Obama - how an U.S. president is made"

It was five years ago,
a groundbreaking book was published at KOPP publishing: " Obama - how an U.S. president is made" by Webster Griffin Tarpley, the german adaptation of "Obama - The postmodern coup". Gerhard Wisnewski had then placed the book at KOPP and editorially adapted it to German conditions . In the book, Tarpley - a well-known in the U.S. Left - criticized Obama " from the left " . He specifically warned against Obama's aggressive strategy towards Russia , which was not yet in sightat that time. In the book, the current crisis in Ukraine is already predicted. Unfortunately , the book it is out of print now, but the former conversation with the editor and literary agent of the book, Gerhard Wisnewski, still is there. Due to recent events we print it here again.

Ralf Wurzbacher

postmodern_coup.jpgWurzbacher: Barack Obama is the new U.S. President . If to believe the U.S. historian and intelligence expert Webster Griffin Tarpley , he was "made" . How and by whom ?

Wisnewski: Tarpley sees Barack Obama as left or liberal misnomer. Obama studied at the Columbia University, New York,
until 1983. Critics call this time the " lost years " about which Obama preserves the strictest silence. What exactly he was doing there and why he does not talk about it, we do not know . We only know that he studied political science there with a focus on International Relations and´was the author of a work on the nuclear disarmament of the Soviets. Expert on this topic at Columbia was then a professor and presidential adviser , who is still regarded as incorrigible war hawk and Russians hater, namely the Polish-born Zbigniew Brzezinski .

Wurzbacher: What does Brzezinski stand  for and what does his foreign policy sins ?

Wisnewski: First of all it is important that the same Russians enemy and war monger today is Barack Obama's foreign policy advisor. Brzezinski is a leading man of the Trilateral Commission, which combines the strengths of Europe, Japan and the United States. Whereat you can tell immediately who is left out here , namely Russia . Brzezinski is an uncompromising stance towards Russia and is regarded as a provocateur for the - ultimately fatal - Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

Wurzbacher: What does that mean for the future of U.S. foreign policy?

Wisnewski: Obama will probably move the conflict away from Iran and Iraq to Russia and China , which is much more dangerous.

((In fact we have seen a withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq in the meantime...))

Wurzbacher: How could a coming crisis look like?

tarpley-obama._.jpgWisnewski: Obama's Vice Joe Biden has already been made
dark remarks in this direction. He said that Obama could soon face a similar crisis situation as once Kennedy in the Cuban missile crisis. ((A label which was applied to the Ukraine-crisis nowadays)) At that time a nuclear confrontation between the Warsaw Pact and NATO was imminent. Of course, in this case the "good Obama" is pictured as a victim and wants to unite the whole world behind him, as then Bush after the 9/11 . The dangerous thing is that Obama will succeed much better due to its artificially created popularity.

Wurzbacher: Tarpley says Brzezinski has long been the wirepuller prefer already in Washington. How does he come to this conclusion?

Wisnewski : Tarpley sees the crisis between Russia and the Western-oriented Georgia as a foretaste
already of what could come after the takeover of Brzezinski - the actual backer of Obama. It is also striking that the U.S. attack Pakistan for weeks now, also an Obama - Brzezinski concept.

By Afro-Americans and the poor Obama is seen as a great savior. This could also prove to be a fallacy , according to Tarpley .

Wisnewski: First, Obama means crisis and war. Second, the highest campaign contributions for Obama came from the financial sector . Third, Obama's economic advisers have been shown quite merciless to the little people . For example during
the last hard winter they rejected financial heating support for the needy  at very high heating oil prices. They also blocked a moratorium on interest rates for foreclosure threatened homeowners.

Wurzbacher: Thanks for the interview .