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Geschrieben von Gerhard Wisnewski   
Thursday, 25. April 2013
by Gerhard Wisnewski

their mother after the Boston bombings claimed, both terrorism suspects have been „tricked by the FBI“. Hard to believe this. But sadly nothing new. Because the FBI has been instigating people for acts of terrorism for years now. With this, the FBI might be the most dangerous terrorism organisation in the whole United States.

For example there is the 45-year-old Walmart-employee James Cromitie from Newburgh in Orange County who converted to Islam. Around 2010 the coloured American began a friendship with somebody called Maqsood. According to a US- political magazine, Mother Jones, one day Maqsood revealed himself as a account executive of the pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e Mohammed to Cromitie. And also that he collects a team for the holy war in the United States.

A "bombing idea"

And Maqsood already had a "bombing idea": How about blowing up a few synagogues in the Bronx and shooting  down airplanes with rockets? By chance he has got two Stinger-rockets – and explosive agents and weapons
of course. No sooner said than done. Mother Jones reported that „Cromitie did recruit three others, and they did take photographs of Stewart International Airport in Newburgh as well as of synagogues in the Bronx. On May 20, 2009, Hussain drove Cromitie to the Bronx, where Cromitie put what he believed were bombs inside cars he thought had been parked by Hussain's coconspirators. Once all the dummy bombs were placed, Cromitie headed back to the getaway car—Hussain was in the driver's seat", as their car suddenly was surrounded by Maqsood’s people. However they weren’t from of Jaish-e Mohammed, but from a FBI SWAT team (Special Weapons and Tactics). And yes, the „tactics“ were really special. It turned out Maqsood’s name wasn’t Maqsood, but Shahed Hussain. „Maqsood“ wasn’t a Islamist, but infiltrated in the islamic community to instigate somebody for an assasination. He also didn’t do this for free, but for a grand fee. The assassination shouldn’t work in this case, but should be „prevented“ and „cleared up“ with big ado.

Dozens of assaults have been fabricated

A scandal? For sure. But the FBI has got its success, the judicial system got its convicts (Cromitie went to jail for 25 years), the media got their stories, the politics got their islamic terrorists and the agents have got their money („Maqsood" received 96.000 US-Dollars). But this isn’t the actual scandal. The real one is that the biggest part of terrorism is fake: „Remember the Washington Metro bombing plot? The New York subway plot? The guys who planned to blow up the Sears Tower? The teenager seeking to bomb a Portland Christmas tree lighting? Each of those plots, and dozens more across the nation, was led by an FBI asset.“ (Mother Jones ).

This is the result of a research project for years, which Mother Jones performed with the help of the University of California in Berkeley. The results were published in the issue of the 21st  of August, 2011. For one year researchers examined the cases of 508 defendants in acts of terrorism. And it turned out that the madness got method.

According to Mother Jones

- informants were employed in nearly the half of all cases. Thoses informants either received a fee from up to 100.000 US-Dollars or a reduction of fine in their own criminal case.

- the hidden operations lead to prosecution against 158 defendants; 49 of them were participating in complots which have been instigated by an agent provocateur of the FBI.

- except for three exclusions all famous domestic terror plots respectivaly attemps of assaults of the last decade were actually hidden operations by the FBI.

Of the last decade? From the perspective of 2011, which other big terrorist attacks have been there? Oh yeah: 9.11. of course!

All this serves the

- Excuse of device of manhunt
- Excuse of new laws of safety
- Production of fear and excitement
- Manipulation and intimidation of the population
- Formation of a police state and dictatorship
- briefly: Excuse of war to the inside and outside

Or does anybody remember Rezwan A.? The „islamic terrorist“ allegedly wanted to attack a government building in Washington by remote controlled airplanes, full of explosive agent. „Directly after this he and two teams of three wanted to hunt people in the US-capital with AK47’s“, said Spiegel Online on September 29th, 2011. Mind-blowing! How did he get to this idea? It’s simple: Rezwan A. „has been taken in by the FBI“ (Spiegel Online). The explosive agents and weapons came from the american federal authority – „but only dummies“, appeased Spiegel Online its readers. Maybe the victims of the bombing in Boston weren’t as lucky…


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