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Order subversion: New Ukraine leader is an agent of NATO PDF Drucken E-Mail
Geschrieben von Gerhard Wisnewski   
Monday, 10. March 2014


The new Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk - an agent of NATO? Argh - is  this a foul-smelling conspiracy theory again?  Not at all. You only have to fish his now switched off website from the depths of the internet.

Gerhard Wisnewski

Someone who looks today for the Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation "Open Ukraine", will fail : "Network Timeout " reports the browser. Means: Nothing. The site is no longer accessible. Bad luck. What prompted the new Prime Minister of Ukraineto remove his foundation from the network
just now ? Albeit it would enjoy the greatest interest just now  ? But fortunately you can fish the website yet from the depths of the internet, for example via the WayBackMachine . On 9 March 2014 you could still surf relatively comfortable over the electronic legacies of the honorable statesman who never tires of accusing Russia of any interference in the affairs of Ukraine.

(Update 11. March 2014: After worldwide recognition the site was made available sporadically again)

The first click is of course the side with the " partners " of the honorable "Open Ukraine" Foundation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. And since it comes right knüppeldick . Rarely has one seen such a flawless Western agents like the new Ukrainian head of state. Chief among these is the "Black Sea Trust " of the " German Marshall Fund ," an American influence Foundation , conveniently established with German money . That is why even " German " . The "Black Sea Trust" is a subdivision of States situated on the Black Sea , such as the Ukraine.

A beautiful Sauhaufen

Next partner on Jazenjuks site is none other than the Chatham House - better known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs ( RIIA ), the British counterpart of the American imperialists Network Council on Foreign Relations . Get paid the projects of the Chatham House , among others, Rockefeller , Bill Gates, NATO, the EU and the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation . A beautiful Sauhaufen , one is tempted to say. All militarists , imperialists and rebels .

The next moment ... : The internet can not forget anything , it called? You bet In Yatsenyuk you can literally sit and watch as a reminder after another disappears. The new Ukrainian Prime Minister is , in a hurry to cover his tracks . Now not only the Foundation's website and supposedly also the Facebook page are gone, even with the Internet Archive Waybackmaschine it trickles . Was there on 9 March 2014 still plenty of sites from 2014 were these thinned but clearly the next day. No doubt: the truth about the agent Yatsenyuk is about to disappear in the darkness . How did he hires the time being unclear , because it really should only have sovereignty over their own websites .

Yatsenyuk : Screenshot of the references of the WayBackMachine on 9 March 2014

Yatsenyuk : Screenshot of the references of the WayBackMachine on 10 March 2014

However, we have saved at Kopp Online the most important pages . Next, since the logo is emblazoned NATO "himself " on Jazenjuks vanished site . More : The NATO Information and Documentation Centre ( NIDC ) , a company incorporated apparently extra for Ukraine propaganda organization of the military alliance . But it is more direct to say not so : bolder . Because to Jazenjuks sponsors including the U.S. State Department . Quite frankly was resplendent as the seal of the U.S. Department of State on the Foundation site of the new Ukrainian prime minister. Other organizations , such as the infamous National Endowment for Democracy , are because only small items.
NATO and the U.S. State Department : The honorable "partner" of the new Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

The Revolution Center

And what do these honorable partners for goals? Only the finest natural. Riots , revolution and war did not officially belong of course to do so. But according to information provided by Jazenjuks "Open Ukraine Foundation" a purely philanthropic organization - and " non-partisan " of course . The actual goals are formulated only in tone . So you have a little " translate" . For example: " The foundation works with a new generation of artists, entrepreneurs and activists from different regions that seek to social change. " Where " Social change " stands for revolution and upheaval . To this end, establishes the foundation " a network of young people with innovative ideas for social change " ( = uprising methods ) and provides " a platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices " to the " implementation of change " is available. In other words, Arseny Jazenjuks Open Ukraine Foundation appears as purest NATO headquarters revolution .

Consequently, it is in the new Ukrainian head of state to a flawless agents of foreign powers , namely the United States and Great Britain. Mission: overthrow . Any other discussion about Russian interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine is now obsolete. Quite obviously went the so-called "revolution " in Ukraine from the United States and Great Britain , so the Western victorious powers of World War II. Even more obvious both have taken power in Ukraine. The fact that Putin now wants to quickly save nor the Crimea to Russia (or these themselves) , is there really no wonder .

You noticed it: Its a machine translation...if you like, send it back improved. Thank you.